5 Easy Ways to Build Links For Businesses With No Content

5 Easy Ways To Build Links For Businesses With No Content


When I am doing online consulting with clients I often hear a lot of the same problems from them:

“Ben, creating content takes too much work and time”

“I’m in a boring industry and can’t get links”

“We are a local business with a small budget”

Any of these sound familiar?

Well although lots of time, money, and content can be extremely helpful. There are a lot of things that most companies are already doing that you can leverage to build authority (aka links) to them.

Here is a few of my favorite link building strategies for businesses that DO NOT take a lot of time, money, or content:

  1. Profile Pages
  2. Job & Career Pages
  3. Coupon / Discount Pages
  4. Vendors
  5. Locations


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The Secret Revealed – Who Gives Links and How To Talk To Them!

I come across a lot of people who have heard that they need to be “building links”  but they do not know what that means or “who gives links?”.

To answer the first question – “What is link building?”.

Link Building is the active pursuit of getting other websites to link to yours.

The rest of this post we’ll be answer your question “Who gives links?”.


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Link Harvesting Explained

Why Links Are Important

To start off I wanted to cover why links are an essential part for each businesses to succeed online. As the internet continues to be apart of everything we do in life. The importance of having your business online also grows! This means getting your business website to rank for key terms. The foundation to ranking well includes building the site correctly and optimizing the onsite content for the desired term.

The problem is, EVERYONE can build a site correctly and optimize it for the same keywords as you!

What will make your site stand apart from the competition in the organic rankings is gaining  links from other reputable websites. (*Note I said reputable websites. If you go to Fiverr and buy thousands of backlinks for $5 I can confidently say it will hurt you in the long run. )

SEO Pyramid - Link Harvesting

 (SEO Pyramid Source)


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