Why Links Are Important

To start off I wanted to cover why links are an essential part for each businesses to succeed online. As the internet continues to be apart of everything we do in life. The importance of having your business online also grows! This means getting your business website to rank for key terms. The foundation to ranking well includes building the site correctly and optimizing the onsite content for the desired term.

The problem is, EVERYONE can build a site correctly and optimize it for the same keywords as you!

What will make your site stand apart from the competition in the organic rankings is gaining  links from other reputable websites. (*Note I said reputable websites. If you go to Fiverr and buy thousands of backlinks for $5 I can confidently say it will hurt you in the long run. )

SEO Pyramid - Link Harvesting

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Link Harvesting For Businesses

As a business you are constantly building it up to become more successful.  I bucket business efforts into 3 areas which are Brand, Assets, and Relations.


  • Brand – Your business brand identity to connect with your customers and stand apart from the competition.
  • Assets – Assets such as reports, tools, videos, etc that satisfy your customers needs.
  • Relations – Relationships with customers, suppliers, and  communities.

Building your business


Link Harvesting is when you leverage what your business has already built to gain links that your business deserves.


The goal of Link Harvesting is to help people leverage their current  brand, assets, and relations to gain links that they should already have or easily get. Link Harvesters also set up alerts to help find more opportunities as they arrive.

Link Harvesting Explained



Why Link Harvesting Works


Dwight Cold Call Outreach

We all hate getting cold calls and emails! The great thing about Link Harvesting is that you are leveraging connections you already have to call and email. Some of the benefits of Link Harvesting are:

Pros Of Link Harvesting

  • No creation costs. Use what you already have.
  • Saves time because you already have the connections
  • You know how to communicate with those connections
  • Since they know you, they are likely to respond & follow through
  • You gain understanding of where you will have the best results for future marketing efforts (Brand, Assets, or Relations ).

Cons of Link Harvesting

At the beginning you can harvest lots of links, but if your business isn’t continually building its Brand, Assets, and Relations it can dry up.  Link Harvesting should NOT be the only thing you are doing to help your business online. You need to be continually “planting” in order to harvest later.

Learn How To Harvest Links

Link Building Class By Benjamin Beck

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Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions! I am always glad to answer them.

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