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  1. Choose an  asset that deserves links  
  2. Use Buzzstream to  quickly find potential websites, pull their contact information, and speed up outreach
  3. Enjoy saving hours of precious time

Buzzstream Link Building For Assets Tutorial

Don’t Have 15 Minutes? Skim through these screen shots

1) Decide On 1 Linkable Asset To Target!

How to get links from Zombies? 
For this example lets try to build links for this REI Zombie Infographic

REI - Zombie Survival Guide

Examples Of Other Scalable Linkable Assets

  • Infographics
  • Tools/Calculators
  • Data / Whitepapers
  • Also good for finding sponsorships in your niche

2) Log Into Buzzstream OR (Try A Free Trial)

3) Set Up A Black List – So they don’t end up in your prospects

Buzzstream Blacklist
A List Of Global Domains To I Like To Exclude


4) Figure Out Your Search Queries & Advanced Search Operators

Link bulding search queries in Buzzstream

Tools To Develop Search Queries

Articles For Creating Advanced Search Queries

Always Test Before Scaling!

  • Test out your advanced search queries to see the kind of results you get for that query


5) How To Quickly Filter Results From Prospecting

Filtering Link Prospects in Buzzstream

Filter based on your goal metrics 

  • >=  PR 6 (Less likely to get contact info or to be covered)
  • <= PR 1
  • Start with highest PR then quickly start going through & eliminate bad matches by domain name
  • Give remaining url’s a Custom Fields (under settings)
    • Set up Custom Field under settings
    • Tags are more for categories like Finance, Environment, Business, etc.
    • Custom Fields are  for very specific research like linkable assets


6) Approval & Outreach

Approving Sites

  • Use the Buzzstream Buzzbar or start outreach and only email sites you think are a good fit

Finding Approved Sites

  • Can only find sites that are approved
  • Search for them by using the custom field

Speeding Up Outreach In Buzzstream

Link building outreach in Buzzstream

  • Use an email template to speed up outreach
  • BCC to your inbox to help keep track & follow up
  • Schedule emails to be sent at best time for open rates


Questions, Comments, Feedback?

I look forward to them in the comments!

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