List of Photo Sites For Linkbuilding

Paddy Moogan  created a post where he aggregated a list of places to submit infographics. This list is very helpful  for promoting infographics and I’ve found similar success when using clients high quality photos.

Photographing the photographer

This strategy  works especially well for companies that already produce high quality photos for their clothes, gear, equipment, food, etc. Again please use this list as a means to find the right communities to connect with your audience and not to spam the internet for weeks.

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How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage Like Anthony Pensabene

Back in September I had the opportunity to talk content with Anthony Pensabene or you might know him better as Content Muse. Anthony’s tweets and blog posts continually inspire me with examples on how to use social media to build real connections and communicate with a network of people online. This post is just 1 example of how he has done it.

Interview With Anthony Pensabene - Content Muse

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Tips For Speeding Up The Outreach Process (Guest Post)

Ben’s Note: Ryan was one of the first people I met at SEER Interactive and has always impressed me with how he finds ways to get things done in less time and effort. He continues to teach me a lot and am excited that he was willing to share these tips. He is a great online marketer and am glad that for his guest post. 

Outreach is a balancing act between delivering quality pitches and maximizing your time. High caliber link builders send out a lot of emails and are always looking for ways to speed up the process. Here are a few techniques to help you save time during your next link building campaign.

Grumpy Outreach Cat

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Talking Agile Marketing With Jonathon Colman

I know what you are thinking, “Ben how did you get to talk  with Jonathon Colman about Agile Marketing? Are you twins separated at birth,  did you bribe or black mail him?”

Well none of those are true, simply Jonathon  is a great marketer and person who is hard not to hear about and gravitate to in our industry. I’ve learned a lot from him through Twitter and  would definitlely suggest following him on Twitter and Slide Share. Well I won’t hold you up any further from  hearing what Jonathon Colman had to say, Enjoy! Jonathon Colman Headshot - Talking Agile Marketing With Benjamin Beck

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Staying On Top of Social With Topsy

Topsy Logo

Today a lot of  marketers are struggling  to find ways to stay on top of social media marketing. Being able to connect with those who are talking about your brand or sharing your content can be extremely powerful, but also extremely time consuming. Most of us don’t have time to monitor Twitter, but  wouldn’t it be great to be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • Who is sharing my content? 
  • What content is being shared? 
  • What does my sharing timeline look like?

Well today I’m going to be showing you how to answer all of these questions in minutes with  Topsy a  free instant social search tool.

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