Back in September I had the opportunity to talk content with Anthony Pensabene or you might know him better as Content Muse. Anthony’s tweets and blog posts continually inspire me with examples on how to use social media to build real connections and communicate with a network of people online. This post is just 1 example of how he has done it.

Interview With Anthony Pensabene - Content Muse

How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

I love this tweet where Anthony shares his philosophy on how to really use social media to your advantage. I  could not have phrased it any better.

Example Of Communicating To Your Market

I experienced first hand an example of Anthony “effectively communicating with his market” when he thanked all the people that RT’d one of his blog posts. At first it looks like a simple Thank You tweet, but knowing Anthony the link intrigued me so I had to click it.


The link contained this animated gif:

Thank You Dance gif

How The Group Responded

By the time that I got around to checking my Twitter feed it was already filled with lots of responses from  the other great marketers mentioned.  My favorite response was this one by Chris Dyson.


A lot of times I find myself looking at the size of someones social media  following to determine how important, knowledgeable,  or influential they are, but I appreciate people in the online marketing community who are showing me that  the quality is much more important then quantity. 

How do you connect with your network? Look forward to reading them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage Like Anthony Pensabene”

  1. Wow – dude.  I’m most humbled and appreciative you take notice.  I would say people should listen to you 🙂 .

    Thank you so much for your peer support and additions to the community, Ben.  

    I look forward to more discussion with you, as well as great minds in the Philly area (Eubanks, John-Henry, David, and the one-and-only #Sebald, and others).

    Hey, man.  Thank you.  🙂

  2. Excellent, Ben. Anthony has a way of bringing out the best interactions from me. Hardly any of my responses were SFW, but it’s hard to get me to engage a thank you tweet, because it seems redundant/unnecessary. I try to hit everyone with a personal thank you and it eats up my day and doesn’t elicit any further discussion. Pensabene was vague, but he nailed it.  

  3. I think the people I get the most from in social media are people without huge followers. There are exceptions of course but I’ve definitely had some amazing conversations with people who aren’t household names, although Anthony Mensa Penne really should be followed by anyone with a brain.

    1. I agree, I’ve learned so much from some people who don’t have a “huge social following” but have amazing things to contribute.

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