Paddy Moogan  created a post where he aggregated a list of places to submit infographics. This list is very helpful  for promoting infographics and I’ve found similar success when using clients high quality photos.

Photographing the photographer

This strategy  works especially well for companies that already produce high quality photos for their clothes, gear, equipment, food, etc. Again please use this list as a means to find the right communities to connect with your audience and not to spam the internet for weeks.

If you have additional sites or tools that would benefit those in our industry please leave them in the comments.

Photo Ecommerce Sites

Photo Communities

Photo Bookmarking Sites

Finding Niche Communities

Every industry has a specific community and finding them can be extremely helpful. The tool that I use to help me find these communities is  Similar Site Search. I wrote more about how to use Similar Site Search in this post on the SEER blog.



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