Talking New Media With Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a passionate speaker and author who inspires people to use hustle and social media to build a strong brand & community. He started out doing this with his own family business,, and now runs VaynerMedia a brand consulting agency that works with top companies in their branding and social media efforts.

I’ve been a fan of Gary since my friends at Anchor Wave had me read Crush It. So when I saw his Q&A a day interview series I jumped at the opportunity. It was a great interview and I learned a lot, hope you do as well. Enjoy!

Gary Vaynerchuk head shot

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How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage Like Anthony Pensabene

Back in September I had the opportunity to talk content with Anthony Pensabene or you might know him better as Content Muse. Anthony’s tweets and blog posts continually inspire me with examples on how to use social media to build real connections and communicate with a network of people online. This post is just 1 example of how he has done it.

Interview With Anthony Pensabene - Content Muse

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Staying On Top of Social With Topsy

Topsy Logo

Today a lot of  marketers are struggling  to find ways to stay on top of social media marketing. Being able to connect with those who are talking about your brand or sharing your content can be extremely powerful, but also extremely time consuming. Most of us don’t have time to monitor Twitter, but  wouldn’t it be great to be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • Who is sharing my content? 
  • What content is being shared? 
  • What does my sharing timeline look like?

Well today I’m going to be showing you how to answer all of these questions in minutes with  Topsy a  free instant social search tool.

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Make The Most of 2012 With the Top SEO & Social Media Articles and People

2012 is here! What does the next year hold for us in search marketing and social media? I don’t have a crystal ball that works, but I have collected some of the top articles from the experts on what 2012 will be like for SEO and Social Media Marketers.

I also included some of the best people to follow on Twitter to stay on top of SEO and Social Media trends through this  year.

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LinkedIn’s Holiday Card Easter Egg

I woke up this morning and was checking the usual social networks before I head into work.  I did a double take this morning when I came across this interesting character who viewed my LinkedIn Profile.


LInkedIn's Easter Egg Holiday Greetings Alias

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Is Social The Future Of SEO? Interview with Jesse Stay

I had the pleasure of talking with Jesse Stay of and author of Google+ For Dummies and Facebook Application Development For Dummies. It was such an amazing conversation that I wish I would have skyped and recorded it to be able to share with everyone instead of my bullet point notes. He is a truly amazing author and knowledgeable social media pro that I had the pleasure of speaking with. ( You can tell by my picture how excited I was to talk with him) [Read more...]

Hulu Puts Commercials Back In Users Control

What Is the New Hulu Ad Swap

I love Hulu because it keeps me up to date with my comedy staples  like The Office, Modern Family,  and Community. This week when i was getting caught up I noticed that Hulu has changed how it does commercials. Before I would have to sit through whatever ad they had scheduled and if i got bored i could click on the button that asked “is this ad relevant to you?”

Now Hulu has given viewers the option to “Swap”  commercials.  So if you are really sick of seeing Viagra or tampon commercials you now have the power to swap it to something else. The picture below shows what Hulu’s new ad swap  looks like.

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What’s In Your RSS Feed?

It definitely feels a lot cooler when you say it like one of those capital one vikings  ”Whats In Your RSS Feed?”. These days to stay up with fast moving technology and industries can be hard. Frankly i don’t know how i would do it with out my RSS feeds.  The following are a list of the staples that I check each day. Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

Capital One Viking Picture

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How To Do Social Media Like A Rockstar Without Losing Your Day Job

A lot of  my clients say that they want to do social media for themselves or their business but don’t know how they can do it with their busy schedule! Other clients say that social media is not a effective way to find leads.

The following are the tools that I’ve found and use to allow me to post to my social media feeds and interact with potential clients while keeping my day job. Once you get in the rhythm of things you can do this effectively in just 30 minutes a day.

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The Voice Leads Engaging Reality TV

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