Alright i’m sorry this isn’t some sob story on how my girlfriend broke up with me over Facebook or Twitter. No no, I found this great article on Mashable that has a lot of great info-graphics on why people “break-up” with brands socially through Twitter, Facebook, and unsubscribing from email lists.

After looking through the article I saw a common theme.

The main reasons why people are “breaking up” with brands on social networks are for the following reason

1) The company contacts them too frequently.

2) Social feeds were overcrowded with marketers.

3) Content has become un-relevant.

4) Only connected with them for a promotion.

Finish Him

This just goes to show that having a social strategy is more than bribing people to follow you and then force feeding them whatever your agenda is. Society is becoming more social savvy and fed up with annoying social brands.The information shows that more than ever if a company is going to be social that they need to have a set plan, objectives, and especially keep your followers interested.

This video I think accurately portrays the relationship that we get into with these companies on social networks.

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