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Who wants more searchers to click on their site versus the competitor that outranks them?

I know I do!

This is why I made The Ultimate Guide On SERP Optimization.

This guide literally shows you all the strategies to help your site stand out from the competition and capture more clicks and traffic!

In each chapter you will get:

  • Walk through on how to do the strategy
  • Shown what tools to use
  • FAQ section to answer your top questions
  • Collection of the best additional resources on the topic

Outline of each chapter:

Chapter #1 SERP Optimization Explained – This chapter will explain the history of  SERP’s (search engine result pages) and the benefits of having your site stand out.

Chapter #2 How To Optimize Meta Descriptions –  Meta Descriptions are the easiest strategy to implement and can effects 100% of the search results that your pages appears in!

Chapter #3 How To Get Video Snippets – Get your videos to show up in the search results

Chapter #4 How To Use Schema Structured Data – Marking up your website with schema allows you to put the most important information for the customer like reviews & price directly on the search page.

Chapter #5 How To Optimize Google Carousel – This is a new feature that Google has rolled out and is a must read if you are in a local or entertainment industry.

Chapter #6 How To Win At The Knowledge Graph – Helping the search engine understand your site as an entity can help you dominate for branded terms.

Chapter #7 Using PPC To Help Increase SEO CRO – Leveraging PPC to take up more real estate on the page can lead to increases in organic clicks! Let me show you how.

Click here to read The Ultimate Guide On SERP Optimization. 

One more thing:

I think you’ll really like the Ultimate Guide on SERP optimization. I plan on making this an up to date resource of the internet’s best content on standing out in the search results. If you have an article or guide that you think I should include, please leave a comment below.

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