Gary Vaynerchuk is a passionate speaker and author who inspires people to use hustle and social media to build a strong brand & community. He started out doing this with his own family business,, and now runs VaynerMedia a brand consulting agency that works with top companies in their branding and social media efforts.

I’ve been a fan of Gary since my friends at Anchor Wave had me read Crush It. So when I saw his Q&A a day interview series I jumped at the opportunity. It was a great interview and I learned a lot, hope you do as well. Enjoy!

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How do you communicate the value of new media to companies?

Gary: How do they value their old school ways of marketing?

“The best way to show ROI or value for new marketing is to compare it to old.”

How do they value banner ads, search, radio, television, newspaper, or direct mail? By doing this you will get back to the essence of what they are trying to do as a company — which is to tell a story to customers somewhere during the decision-making path.

That starts helping people understand the value of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. a whole lot better once you bring it back to why they ever had value for those other ways of marketing.

Understanding the ROI to their company for a newspaper ad or why they do a banner ad on a website helps to start the discussion going forward.

How do you help companies transition into new media?

Gary: Trust!


“I’m not in the business of convincing people to do this”


It’s been easier for me to get buy-in from companies on social media because that is all I’ve done & they’ve seen the success so it’s allowed me to leverage that.

A lot of agencies are trying to get into Social Media, but the companies don’t know if the agency can really do it well. They need to see the proof.

Should executives be involved with their own accounts?

Gary: I don’t think every CEO needs to be involved, but charismatic ones that bring value and like people should. I definitely need every CEO out their crushing it.

“If you don’t bring value you don’t need to be there, the end.”

Tips for people to effectively use social media:

Gary: If you don’t have the team or the resources you don’t win.

“There are no shortcuts in this, not even close, and that is a rude awakening to a lot of people.”

People and time are the fuel that makes social media work.

If you can’t allocate the resources, time, and energy; it won’t work. This is the most “what you put into it, you get out of it” platform we’ve ever seen and if people do not adjust to that, then they literally have no shot!

Thoughts on using automated social media tools:

Gary: When you use something like an automated response on Twitter, it makes people not feel good.

“Businesses need to learn that it’s about the context of the impression that matters more than the amount of impressions.”

Give value. Give value. Give value… And then ask for business. People who figure out that formula win, because too many people out there ask for business, ask for business, ask for business or some others who are great on Social Media who give value, give value, give value, but then never ask for business.

Finish this sentence – I wish I would’ve thought of _____

Gary: Facebook

Who is someone we are all going to know in 5 years?

Gary: Kelly McCarthy (Senior Vice President at VaynerMedia)

What conference do you find most valuable?

Gary: SXSW – I’m able to be very efficient with my time & meetings

Favorite movie of all time?

Gary: Return of the Jedi

Do you think the new star wars movies coming out will hurt the brand?

Gary: With Star Wars, people are being romantic about the way it was, but it’s a new generation, it’s a new thing, it’s all business. It’s a mix of art in that business, but it’s still business, the end. You’re more then welcome to not watch them.

“The best way to go out of business is to be romantic about things.”

The book that everyone should read?

Gary: The one that adds the most value!

“Read from those who have actually made money have proof of execution”

If your life is too stressful and reading fiction will help you then read that.In the genre of businessness books I say to read from people who have actually made it happen.

Read from people like Jason Fried’s Re Work or Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness because those are entrepreneurs who have actually made money. Not that a journalist or professor can’t be right, but I believe in the proof of execution.

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