A lot of clients come to us asking for a guarantee on our work, but as discussed the other day theirs too many seo factors that we can’t control.  So why when you search “Guaranteed Google first page” there are so many SEO companies offering a guarantee?

Google Search Page for Guaranteed Google First Page

SEO FAQ -“What Guarantee Do You Offer?”,

SEO “1st Page Google Guarantee” Exposed

A lot of these SEO companies that you see in the SERP are offering clients “first page results or its free”.  How can they do this? It’s because they target long tail keywords that have no search volume and can be ranked easily in a short time. These type of gimmicks don’t really help the client to achieve their goals and reminds me of those old  scammy “get rich quick” infomercials. We’ve all seen them!

Why We Can’t Offer A Guarantee On Our SEO Work

The cliff notes of the seo factors we can’t control that make so we can’t give any guarantees are

  • Search engines algorithm changes
  • Competitors SEO efforts
  • What people search

SEO’s Answer To This Question?

I know that this is a commonly asked question that all of us SEO consultants have to face on a weekly basis. What have you found to be most helpful in helping your clients understand why you can’t give them a guarantee?


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