On my journey to becoming a Online Marketing Ninja I have been searching out the best Sensei’s in the world.

I had the chance to speak with one such Sensei, Master Tac Anderson currently the VP of Digital Strategies at Waggener Edstrom (A Global PR Firm). It was a great interview because although we were on the phone, for most questions he directed me to content online and then added his timeless advice. The following are the highlights I got from my talk with Sensai Tac.

Q: Who are the influencers in your field? Who do you look upto?


– marshal kirpractric @marshallk
– luis gray @LouisGray

Twitter List Digital Social Futurists

Twitter Lists Digital Leaders

Great Point: Marketing is collapsing into people trusting influencers and what they are saying.

Q: What makes a great blog?

– People like to read things that sound like how we talk, don’t be to formal or overly concerned about perfect grammar.
– State your bias, and opinion, don’t hide them.
– Be Yourself!
– Write short blog posts, a few paragraphs, check once, then move on
– Write from your own personal exp! What your learning.

Great Point: Think of blog post as like emails. Keep them short, a couple key thoughts, check once for errors, then move on

Q: What are some blogs that you follow?

Answer: Tac’s Blog Posts

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