Video Answer: Difference of (not set) and (not provided)

If you prefer to watch then to read (like i usually do) then please enjoy this video I found by Rosamond Haden-Chomphosy who eloquently sums up the difference between (not set) and (not provided) in Google Analytics.

Written Answer: Difference of (not set) and (not provided)

Not Set- Has Been Around Awhile

Up until now Google has had a (not set) identifier in its Analytics. Not Set means that the user didn’t come to your site through a keyword. They came to your site directly or through a referral site.

Not Provided – New Kid On The Block

If you look at the picture below you’ll see several (not set) identifiers from several sites. There is also a new identifier labeled (not provided). This new identifier came about because Google recently announced that they are encrypting peoples searches. So the not provided search volume is from Google organic search, but could be for several of your keywords.

Displaying the difference between (Not Set) and (Not Provided)  in Google<br />

Remembering The Difference Between (Not Set) and (Not Provided)

(Not Set) = Not Search Engine, Referrals and Direct links

(Not Provided) = Protected by Google encryption

8 thoughts on “Meaning Of (Not Set) And (Not Provided) In Google Analytics”

  1. @azharm:disqus You are correct, The (not provided) is for those who are logged into their Google account and do Google searches. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. if (not set) is not via a search engine, why in your screenshot above does it say “ … (not set)” ?

    1. Great question, because Google has so many properties, like Google images, if a person comes to your site via clicking on an image it will be counted as a Google (not set) visit because it didn’t come from the search results. 

  3. True information. Is there any custom variable to track keywords, visitors information, visits, bounce rate etc for [not set], [not provided] identifiers?

  4. If Not Set means that it’s a direct or referral traffic, then why don’t google show this visits in the related traffic only. I am getting this terms in my organic traffic, what it means..?

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