So I’ve been hearing  about Microsite Masters from some friends in the industry so I thought I’d check it out. At first glance it looks like a good keyword monitoring tool that fits in my personal budget.

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Deciding Which Keywords To Track


SEM Rush

When deciding on which keywords to start tracking for this blog I didn’t have much time to do all the research so I decided to find what keywords I am already ranking for. I wanted to see if I am close to page 1 for any terms that could be quick wins if I targeted them. To do this I used the free version of SEM Rush.

I Rank For What? What To Do …

So when I dropped my blog into SEM Rush I found out that I am sitting on a Bull Riding Affiliates dream, all because of my experience of riding a Real Bull! By far the best $20 I ever spent, if you ever are heading out to AZ I got a few things you should check out.

SEM Rush Bull Riding Results I did some research around this for affiliates or other lead gen opportunities but there really isn’t any so it turns out I’m sitting on a fools gold mine. At least now if you see a big Wranglers Jeans banner on my personal blog you’ll know why. Another interesting keyword that I have some rankings for is Easter Egg Cards so watch out Hallmark!

What Have You Surprisingly Ranked For?

What keywords were you surprised to rank for and what did you do with them. I think a lot of you out there will have some great stories!

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