Since I discovered the  plug-in called digg digg, which  allows me to easily post to all of my different Linked-In Groups. Its become a habit to post all of my new blog posts to my Linked-In Groups. Posting to these groups did send some traffic to my blog but it wasn’t until I took the time to create several quality articles  that I  finally got one that made it to be the “Most Popular Discussion” . The following are all the different ways you can  get seen once ways to be seen on Linked-In Groups.

Benjamin Beck being on top of the linked in group Search Engine Watch
Most Popular Discussion = Top Of Page

When your the most popular discussion your post is the top post of the page. Which makes it  the first discussion that everyone sees when they visit this group.

Benjamin Becks SEO Blog Post Is The Top Discussion On Search Engine Watch Linked-In Group


Each New Comment = The Updates Section

With each new comment to your article puts the commenter in the “Updates Section” which is another place above the fold where your post can be seen.


Getting Lots of Activity Gets Your Blog Mentioned More in the Updates
Lots of Comments And Interactions = Top Influencer

The 3rd place to be seen on Linked-In Group is the “Top Influencer” section, which if you are gaining comments and engaging with them you will gain points to become very influential. This shows people that you are an authority figure with in the group.

Benjamin Beck Top Influencer Of The Week On Search Engine Watch Linked-In Group

Most Popular Discussion = Top Of Summary Emails

Lastly most groups send out summary emails daily or weekly of the top activity of the group to its members. This gets you out to many more

Benjamin Becks Blog Post At The Top Of The Search Engine Watch Lined-In Group Summary Email

How Do You Become The Most Popular Discussion?

I know that its easy to kick back and enjoy the spoils of being on top of the page, i probably just got lucky with beginners luck.

What have you seen that works to get people to comment and engage with your posts to drive them to be the most popular discussion in the group?


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