Affiliate Summit East Conference - #ASE13 - Philadelphia

Holy Smokes, I can’t believe that  the #ASE13 conference is already here! As a transplant to Philadelphia I certainly don’t know everything about this city, but I thought it would be helpful to share some tips and insights on the city! If you have any questions about the conference I’ve include a few of the really helpful pages.

Helpful Affiliate Summit East Conference Links

Introduction To Philadelphia

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Restaurants & Bars

Philadelphia Restaraunt


Where to run for coffee – I am a morning person, but if you need a good cup of joe to start your morning check out this list of coffee shops here in Philadelphia.

List of the coolest bars & restaurants in Philadelphia – One of my favorite things about Philly is all the amazing places to eat and check out. If you are looking for places around the conference start at #10 on the list.

List of cool views in Philadelphia – It is a beautiful time of year here in Philadelphia and a lot of restaurants have great patios, gardens, and views to take in the city.

List of Philadelphia Brewery Tours & Beer Gardens – If you have a taste for the brew, Philly has something for you.

Choose Your Cheesesteak

Philadelphia Cheesesteak

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Top 10 spots for a Philadelphia Cheesesteak – Last but not least you have to choose where you want to get a Philly Cheesesteak. You can try and do the Triple Bypass, which is when you eat 3 cheesesteaks in a day, but as someone who has done the triple bypass I wouldn’t recommend it. I would suggest eating at Jim on South street or Tony Lukes.

Transportation Around Philadelphia

Uber Cab

Once you are at the ASE conference you are walking distance from most things Philly has to offer.

Taxi Cabs – If you need to travel around I suggest using a cab. Especially since ASE and 50onRed have teamed up to offer all new Uber users a FREE Uber ride up to $20 in Philadelphia using the sign-up promotional code 50onRedASE (Expires 08/1/2014. New Riders Only.)

SEPTA – If you want to get a pass to all of the Philadelphia public transportation feel free to sign up for a $12 an individual all day pass. The pass will give you access to the following types of transportation.

  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Trolley
  • Regional Rail
  • Mann Center Summer Bus Service

Tour Buses If you want to get a guided tour while traveling around town you can get a tour bus ticket for $13. Just go to Groupon and grab a tour from Philadelphia Sightseeing tours OR Trolley Works tour.

Things To Do Around Philly

Rocky Statue - Philadelphia

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If you get in early to the conference, planning to stay late, or just want to skip a session here are some suggestions of thing you can do around Philadelphia.

Step by Step Guide of where to Go  This is a good guide on the top places to visit and hit while here in Philadelphia.

What you can do for free Philly also has lots of great things to see and do that won’t cost you a dime!

Run Club?

I’ll need to run some of this excitement out before the conferences so if anyone wants someone to run with around the city  just let me know at @ben_beck and use #ASErun.


Did I miss anything? Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them!

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