If you didn’t read my last post “Klout, the Swag of Social” it explains in more detail how Klout gives you a social influence rating and how to improve that rating. Well today Klout introduced its new beta. I really like the new layout and design, and now you can compare your social swag score to others!

What better way to encourage your people in your company to embrace social media then to make a big list that compares them all. That is what Anthony at my work thought when he created our Team Anchor Wave Twitter List. I didn’t mind because I’m on top (pictured below), but i got to step up my game cause Anthony is on my tails.

So what do you do to enhance your Klout score?

Whatever you do don’t side with my Nemesis @Ant1832, don’t let his good looks and charm suck you in.

List of the Anchor Wave Twitter Accounts on their Klout List

2 thoughts on “Want A Social Workplace? Make A Klout List!”

  1. I’m still very much mixed on Klout, the score fluctuates wildly for me DAILY, which makes no sense. I have a decent score, that’s not the issue, but even emails to them directly about why the scores fluctuate so much daily have never been directly answered…..

    1. What’s your Twitter ID Tracy? I’d be interested at seeing that. Mine grew rapidly when i connected my facebook and got some RT’s on twitter, but it’s stayed pretty constant since. I agree that they don’t ever really give a straight answer on how to rank better, they must think their algorithm is as important as Googles.

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