I’ve been reading a great book called “Call To Action” that SEER Interactive encourages all its clients to read, so i made sure to pick one up and start reading it.

One of the biggest “aha” moments I’ve had so far while reading this book is when they discuss how a company should emphasize a products “Uses” and instead of trying to explain all of it’s “Features”. ┬áThis is such a small distinction but as I started thinking about some of my favorite presentations I realized that this is exactly what they did. They focused on a few features and then emphasize on all the different uses of those features, and the big impact that those will have in the person’s life.

Steve Job’s Example Of Focusing on Uses


One Feature Unlimited Hilarious Uses

This is one of my favorite examples of the concept of focusing on the products usage and not features. Think Geeks’ Shirt Plate has only one feature, a plate on a shirt, but that doesn’t limit the amount of “Uses” they show in the video.

Your Thoughts?

Do you agree that people don’t want to be all the features of a product but rather told all the ways that those features will improve your life? Either way i’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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