Introducing Google Chrome’s Instant Pages

Google Chrome just moved up to the 2nd most used browser on the internet and is continuing to capture more market share,via w3 schools. One of the reasons people like this browser is because Chrome is constantly striving to help people get around the internet faster!

The latest addition to the Google Chrome browser is what they call Instant Pages. Keeping up with their goal, Chrome Instant Pages loads the #1 website in the search results so when the user clicks on the link the page will load instantly.


Being #1 On Google Is More Important Than Ever?

As users become familiar with this feature on Google Chrome more and more people will start clicking on the 1st result on the page because they know that it will load instantly. If the page is not what they are looking for they can simply click back to the search page.

I think that Chrome is heading in the right direction and making the job of the SEO experts that much more important to make sure their clients are in that #1 position for their target keywords.

Is this the new trend in search?

Do you think that this is going to continue to be the trend in search or just a fad? Looking forward to your comments.

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