Google is always trying to improve the experience of the searcher by getting them the best search results as possible. As amazing and complex as the mystical Google algorithm is, sometimes it doesn’t give the best results. To help remedy this Google  provides  searchers with tools to make their searches better. Thats why they developed tools like  search wiki, stars in search, and now Google +1.

Back  in March Google introduce another search  tool that you might not of heard about, which was the ability for searchers to block certain urls from their search results. Google said its a way to help searchers find more of what they want. I think that the idea is good, but also i think that people might over do it.

Google Website Block Filter

Questions About Google’s Block A URL Filter?

  • My biggest question is what triggers Google to prompt someone to block a URL?

Even though the article appeared earlier this year I hadn’t seen this in the search results until recently, and it was prompting me to block a popular and reputable site. Are they basing it off of the sites bounce rate, time on site, other factors?

  • If your site is blocked are you acknowledged?

If my url is getting filtered out by dozens of people I want to know about it, but again the article didn’t mention if the site owners are notified of being filtered.

  • Can this be abused by my competitors?

This is the next question that pops into my head because i start thinking of a way for people to use Mturk to get mass amounts of people to find and block my url for 2¢ a click. I assume Google’s algorithm doesn’t like to go to sites that have been blocked from search results by hundreds of people.

Your Thoughts On Google URL Filtering?

Do you think this is a good idea or A train wreck waiting to happen? Have you seen these as well or are my eyes playing tricks on me again?

Would like to hear your comments and feedback!

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