How To Build Links For Assets In No Time With Buzzstream

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  1. Choose an  asset that deserves links  
  2. Use Buzzstream to  quickly find potential websites, pull their contact information, and speed up outreach
  3. Enjoy saving hours of precious time

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Talking Ecommerce SEO With Bill Sebald

Bill Sebald Image

Bill of Green Lane SEO gave me a lot of great tips & advice for E-commerce SEO. If you aren’t yet he is a great person to follow on Twitter ( BillSebald )

How did Bill Sebald get into marketing?

In my teen years I was considering psychology, working in the media, or slacking off. Ultimately I fell into marketing during a communications major at Penn State, and realized that it had components of at least two of my above interests. A couple years later I hooked up with a CD shop in Ambler, PA that was looking to sell products on a website. A progressive idea at the time.

They wanted to be for used CDs – these were the days when it was rare to have a shopping cart, and even rarer to get someone to give you a credit card number over the internet. We did guerrilla digital marketing, and I was hooked. From there I started my own music and commerce websites, learned graphic design, and started doing SEO (which was basically as simple as resubmitting to engines over and over – this was 2001, a year or so before the Google invasion). I also spent some time in the music industry, so I got to learn a different side of marketing there.

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List of Photo Sites For Linkbuilding

Paddy Moogan  created a post where he aggregated a list of places to submit infographics. This list is very helpful  for promoting infographics and I’ve found similar success when using clients high quality photos.

Photographing the photographer

This strategy  works especially well for companies that already produce high quality photos for their clothes, gear, equipment, food, etc. Again please use this list as a means to find the right communities to connect with your audience and not to spam the internet for weeks.

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Tips For Speeding Up The Outreach Process (Guest Post)

Ben’s Note: Ryan was one of the first people I met at SEER Interactive and has always impressed me with how he finds ways to get things done in less time and effort. He continues to teach me a lot and am excited that he was willing to share these tips. He is a great online marketer and am glad that for his guest post. 

Outreach is a balancing act between delivering quality pitches and maximizing your time. High caliber link builders send out a lot of emails and are always looking for ways to speed up the process. Here are a few techniques to help you save time during your next link building campaign.

Grumpy Outreach Cat

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Features V.S. Uses – Which To Focus On When Selling Your Product?

I’ve been reading a great book called “Call To Action” that SEER Interactive encourages all its clients to read, so i made sure to pick one up and start reading it.

One of the biggest “aha” moments I’ve had so far while reading this book is when they discuss how a company should emphasize a products “Uses” and instead of trying to explain all of it’s “Features”.  This is such a small distinction but as I started thinking about some of my favorite presentations I realized that this is exactly what they did. They focused on a few features and then emphasize on all the different uses of those features, and the big impact that those will have in the person’s life.

Steve Job’s Example Of Focusing on Uses


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5 Great Resources For Landing Your Dream Job As A SEO

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity i’ve had to work at Anchor Wave in Tucson Arizona. They are a great company and have sparked my enthusiasm for seo and online marketing! The time has now come for me to move on to my next adventure, and I’m looking to land my SEO dream job. What that is i’m not exactly sure yet, but I do know it won’t be simple! To best prepare for tests and interviews i’ve been doing a lot of research and here are some of the best articles and videos i’ve found. I hope they help you like they’ve been helping me.

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Make The Most of 2012 With the Top SEO & Social Media Articles and People

2012 is here! What does the next year hold for us in search marketing and social media? I don’t have a crystal ball that works, but I have collected some of the top articles from the experts on what 2012 will be like for SEO and Social Media Marketers.

I also included some of the best people to follow on Twitter to stay on top of SEO and Social Media trends through this  year.

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Are People Blocking Your Site On Google?

Google is always trying to improve the experience of the searcher by getting them the best search results as possible. As amazing and complex as the mystical Google algorithm is, sometimes it doesn’t give the best results. To help remedy this Google  provides  searchers with tools to make their searches better. Thats why they developed tools like  search wiki, stars in search, and now Google +1.

Back  in March Google introduce another search  tool that you might not of heard about, which was the ability for searchers to block certain urls from their search results. Google said its a way to help searchers find more of what they want. I think that the idea is good, but also i think that people might over do it.

Google Website Block Filter

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What’s In Your RSS Feed?

It definitely feels a lot cooler when you say it like one of those capital one vikings  ”Whats In Your RSS Feed?”. These days to stay up with fast moving technology and industries can be hard. Frankly i don’t know how i would do it with out my RSS feeds.  The following are a list of the staples that I check each day. Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

Capital One Viking Picture

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