SERP Optimization – Google Carousel

What is the Google Carousel?

Search results with local intent seem to be constantly changing! Recently Google has implemented what they call a carousel, which is a black banner at the top of Google search results. The goal of the carousel is to allow users to research a topic faster and more in depth. If you look at what search results show the Google Carousel you can see that a majority of them can have local intent like travel and restaurants. carousel-searches-affected-by-industry


Benefits Of Optimizing For Google Carousel

The benefit of the Google Carousel is that it stands out and takes up so much real estate on the SERP. Having your business listed here will definitely get you noticed.

Hotels in Tucson Carousel

How to the Optimize Google Carousel

  1. Add & verify your business location on Google – Link to get you started
  2. Build a Google Local review strategy – Awesome step by step strategy by Phil Rozek!
  3. Build citations on high quality location sources relevant for your industry and location
  4. Build a content strategy by including a content structure – optimized for your industry and targeted locations
  5. Use High Quality images
  6. Add Google +1 button on your website



Google Carousel FAQ

Q: How do you connect a business google places listing or transfer that information to a Google+ business listing?

A: This post from David Mihm is the best post on the claiming process I know of.

Q: How do I get to be the #1 result in the Google Carousel search?

A: First follow the steps in the optimize for Google Carousel section.

Google Carousel Optimization Resources:

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