SEO FAQ “Why Are You Not #1 For SEO?”

“Why should i hire you to do my SEO? I don’t see you on the top of the search engines for the term SEO” Grrrrrrrrrr, I hate when clients ask me this question! Instead of me being offended and shouting back the first rude and sarcastic thing i can think of, I’ve come up with the following reasons to explain why they should hire me despite not being #1.


Google Search Box with common SEO Question "Best SEO Consultant?"

SEO FAQ - "Why don't I see you when i search for SEO?"

#1 Doesn’t Always Mean The Best

First I explain to the client that just because someone is #1 on the search engine doesn’t always mean that they are the best or even the most relevant for the search.  To illustrate my point I try to find  a good example. Make sure you check your examples often because they can change frequently, and you don’t want to look like a fool in front of the client.

My Example: One that I like to use is to search “buy car arizona” which seems like the top sites would be of people selling cars for people to buy in Arizona.  Surprisingly the top 2 results are for the DMV, which ironically might make someone reconsider buying a car when they remember they have to go to the DMV take over the title.


Buy Car Arizona SERP - SEO FAQ's from

Buy Car Arizona SERP - SEO FAQ's from


Not Enough Of Me To Go Around

The other reason why I don’t worry about not being #1 in the search results for SEO consultant is because  simply theirs not enough of me to go around! Currently their are 5,400 searches for the phrase “seo consultant“, and if I get even a leads from 1% of those searches thats still 54 new leads a month! That is a lot of work to do for a small operation and  would be impossible for me to keep all of those clients happy! I still would like to have a life outside of work.

Along the same lines i’m too busy with my current clients to spend the time, money, and energy on making myself number one for these keywords. I am not saying that you shouldn’t try to rank for these keywords with a geo-locator like “seo consultant phoenix” which will be a lot less competitive.

Check Out My SEO Portfolio

The ultimate weapon to combat this question is to show your potential client seo case studies and current examples of your clients rankings. This especially helpful when you have worked with companies that are in a similar niche that they are in.

What’s Your Answer?

I’d like to hear from you, my fellow marketers and SEO’ers on other explanations, examples, etc to answer this question for your clients

I’ve told you some of the explanations that I’ve been using to explain to my clients why they should still hire me to do their SEO despite not being #1 on the search engines. Now I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments!


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The rest of this week we are discussing the F.A.Q’s that SEO’s get all the time. You can follow the discussion on Twitter with the tag #seofaq or here in the comments. Would like to hear what SEO FAQ’s you get the most.

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SEO FAQ “How Long Until I’m #1?”


This is probably the most asked question we get as SEO consultants. They are paying us to get them to the top of the search engines, they don’t care about how, but when! Unfortunately as an SEO we have to let them know that we can’t make any promises. Why? Simply we have too many factors that are out of our control.

Google Search Box with common SEO Question "How long until I'm #1 on Google."

SEO FAQ - How long until i'm #1 on Google?


The Factors An SEO Can’t  Control

Clients hate hearing that you want to charge them thousands of dollars to do search engine optimization without a solid commitment of when they can expect to see results. They are putting a lot of trust into you, but after explaining how we as SEO consultants don’t control the following factors helps the client realize that what your doing is important but you can’t give exact time tables.

Google’s Algorithm

We don’t work for Google and they are very secretive about there algorithm that determines ranking. Over the years we have figured out what tactics improve, hurt, or do nothing for ranking. Since the algorithm is constantly changing we might be doing something that really helps ranking now, but in a year does nothing. This is why you want to make sure you hire an SEO Expert, not just anyone.

EX:In the early days of Google, meta-keywords were actually something that had some ranking power on Google. Where as now meta-keywords have absolutely none!

Competitions SEO Efforts

We work our hardest to get the best ranking for our clients, but what happens when the competitor above you is also actively doing the same thing? This makes it harder for you to pass them in the ranking

Searchers Habits

The way we know what words to optimize for in on our sites is by past statistics of what people were searching for. If you are in an industry that gets new buzz words often the old data my not be accurate to what people are currently searching.

EX: 80GB Ipod use to be a heavy searched keyword, but since Apple stopped making them and started making Ipads the search terms have really changed.


Whats Your Answer?

I know that this is a very common question that all of SEO consultants have to face on a weekly basis. What statistics, analogies, or other magic tricks help you to get more clients without making commitments that you may not be able to keep?


Every day this week i’ll be writing about the most asked questions we get as SEO’s. I’d like to hear what your most asked questions in the comments below. You can also follow @ben_beck on Twitter or the tag #seofaq.

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Best Apple Decals On Etsy

Spoiling Myself With A New Sticker

So i’m coming up on my 3 year anniversary of having my Mac laptop. I’m only keeping track because that’s when my apple care insurance expires. I know with my luck somethings going to happen the day after it expires.

Anyways I was on the other day and saw all these great mac decals, but I couldn’t choose which one! Let me know in the comments which one you think I is the best.

Which Etsy Apple Decal Should I Pick

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Chrome Makes Being #1 Even More Important!

Introducing Google Chrome’s Instant Pages

Google Chrome just moved up to the 2nd most used browser on the internet and is continuing to capture more market share,via w3 schools. One of the reasons people like this browser is because Chrome is constantly striving to help people get around the internet faster!

The latest addition to the Google Chrome browser is what they call Instant Pages. Keeping up with their goal, Chrome Instant Pages loads the #1 website in the search results so when the user clicks on the link the page will load instantly.


Being #1 On Google Is More Important Than Ever?

As users become familiar with this feature on Google Chrome more and more people will start clicking on the 1st result on the page because they know that it will load instantly. If the page is not what they are looking for they can simply click back to the search page.

I think that Chrome is heading in the right direction and making the job of the SEO experts that much more important to make sure their clients are in that #1 position for their target keywords.

Is this the new trend in search?

Do you think that this is going to continue to be the trend in search or just a fad? Looking forward to your comments.

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Want A Social Workplace? Make A Klout List!

If you didn’t read my last post “Klout, the Swag of Social” it explains in more detail how Klout gives you a social influence rating and how to improve that rating. Well today Klout introduced its new beta. I really like the new layout and design, and now you can compare your social swag score to others!

What better way to encourage your people in your company to embrace social media then to make a big list that compares them all. That is what Anthony at my work thought when he created our Team Anchor Wave Twitter List. I didn’t mind because I’m on top (pictured below), but i got to step up my game cause Anthony is on my tails.

So what do you do to enhance your Klout score?

Whatever you do don’t side with my Nemesis @Ant1832, don’t let his good looks and charm suck you in.

List of the Anchor Wave Twitter Accounts on their Klout List

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Peek Into Hootsuite

Their is some big debates on which Social Media Dashboard is best out there. The big 3 that come to mind are TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Hootsuite.

I personally like Hootsuite, and instead of going through the ordeal of writing and taking screen shots I thought I’d save us all sometime by doing a short on the fly video.

Yes I know I didn’t cover all the great things Hootsuite can do like reports, analytics, etc but I did this just to give people a feel of how Hootsuite works.

Which Social Media Dashboard Do You Use? Why?

Would like to hear what works and why from you in the comments.

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Klout, The Swag Of Social


These day everyone is jumping on the social bandwagon. Celebrities, cartoon characters, even granny has a facebook and twitter account. I mean who doesn’t love getting facebook pokes and twitpics from granny?

The problem is with this over saturation of people on social media how do you measure or justify if someone is worthy following, Especially in your field? This is where Klout comes in.

What Is Klout?

Klout measures your overall online social influence and gives you a rating, or what i like to call your “social swag rating”. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. You can also earn “achievements”, which are badges of milestones that you’ve achieved like 1K likes on your Facebook or 1K re-tweets. If you want to see someone with some sweet Klout Swag right now look at Olivier Blanchard ( @thebrandbuilder ).

How is Klout Measured

Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure true reach, amplification probability, and network score. Get the full breakdown of how they measure true reach, amplification, and network score.


Klout is the industry standard of measuring the influence and specialty of people online. Also alot of social media dashboards like Hootsuite and Seesmic make it easy to look at peoples Klout scores.

Question For You

What else do you do to measure someones online influence?

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Engage Them And They Will Come On Twitter

So how does someone spread the word about their company, product, or brand on twitter without being too pushy or annoying? I saw a good example this week by @SharelOmer who slyly introduced himself and genuinely interacted with me which got me interested in him and his product.

The Introduction

It all started when I got a shout out mention from one of my favorite social media all stars @TacAnderson. This is where Sharel saw a chance to get noticed by all the people Tac mentioned while congratulating him on his blog post.

I thought that complementing the whole “gang” was a great and subtle way to chime in on a conversation. I made sure to thank Sharel for the mention and after briefly looking at his twitter profile I decided he’d be a good person to follow. I assumed though that he would soon be bombarding me spam tweets. So I was surprised with what he responded back with.

The Follow Up

It was a genuine response instead of an auto-responder and it didn’t include a sales pitch. I was shocked, and it wasn’t until this point that I decided to check out his website After I signed up for his program his direct message was sincere in wishing i found it helpful. I definitely learned some tips from @SharelOmer on how i can better engage with those on twitter.

How Do You Make Twitter Work For You?

Do You think what Sharel Omer’s approach was a good way to get involved or pushy?

What have you found to be effective to meet and engage with people on Twitter?

Please leave your answers in the comments i look forward to hearing them!

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