Hulu Puts Commercials Back In Users Control

What Is the New Hulu Ad Swap

I love Hulu because it keeps me up to date with my comedy staples  like The Office, Modern Family,  and Community. This week when i was getting caught up I noticed that Hulu has changed how it does commercials. Before I would have to sit through whatever ad they had scheduled and if i got bored i could click on the button that asked “is this ad relevant to you?”

Now Hulu has given viewers the option to “Swap”  commercials.  So if you are really sick of seeing Viagra or tampon commercials you now have the power to swap it to something else. The picture below shows what Hulu’s new ad swap  looks like.


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Are People Blocking Your Site On Google?

Google is always trying to improve the experience of the searcher by getting them the best search results as possible. As amazing and complex as the mystical Google algorithm is, sometimes it doesn’t give the best results. To help remedy this Google  provides  searchers with tools to make their searches better. Thats why they developed tools like  search wiki, stars in search, and now Google +1.

Back  in March Google introduce another search  tool that you might not of heard about, which was the ability for searchers to block certain urls from their search results. Google said its a way to help searchers find more of what they want. I think that the idea is good, but also i think that people might over do it.

Google Website Block Filter


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What’s In Your RSS Feed?

It definitely feels a lot cooler when you say it like one of those capital one vikings  “Whats In Your RSS Feed?”. These days to stay up with fast moving technology and industries can be hard. Frankly i don’t know how i would do it with out my RSS feeds.  The following are a list of the staples that I check each day. Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

Capital One Viking Picture


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How To Do Social Media Like A Rockstar Without Losing Your Day Job

A lot of  my clients say that they want to do social media for themselves or their business but don’t know how they can do it with their busy schedule! Other clients say that social media is not a effective way to find leads.

The following are the tools that I’ve found and use to allow me to post to my social media feeds and interact with potential clients while keeping my day job. Once you get in the rhythm of things you can do this effectively in just 30 minutes a day.


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How Content Makes You King Of Linked-In

Since I discovered the  plug-in called digg digg, which  allows me to easily post to all of my different Linked-In Groups. Its become a habit to post all of my new blog posts to my Linked-In Groups. Posting to these groups did send some traffic to my blog but it wasn’t until I took the time to create several quality articles  that I  finally got one that made it to be the “Most Popular Discussion” . The following are all the different ways you can  get seen once ways to be seen on Linked-In Groups.

Benjamin Beck being on top of the linked in group Search Engine Watch (more…)

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Top 5 Questions Every SEO Has To Answer

As you start to acquire SEO clients you will be sure to get asked a lot of questions! Soon you will see that your getting asked the same  type of questions over and over again. In order to get  SEO clients you need to be prepared to answer these questions correctly.


Google Search for questions asked to search engine optimization experts

Most Asked Questions By SEO Clients

The following are the questions that I get asked  most by potential clients that I meet with. Each question is linked to the explanations that i use to assure the client that I am the right man for the job.

What Other Questions Do You Get?

These are the questions that I get asked the most, but what are questions are clients constantly plaguing you with? Also how do you handle these questions? I look forward to your comments.




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SEO FAQ “How Much Does SEO Cost?”

I think it’s funny when people call me up and ask “How much does SEO cost?” I always want to respond by saying “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a house cost?” because like in any business it comes down to the quality of the product or service that drives the cost.

PPC marketers know that the cost can greatly range for a client, depending if they want keywords that cost $2 a click  or $20 a click!

Why Can’t You Give Me A Set Amount?

No two seo clients are alike so we always have to do some research to get to know their website and market before offering a price for the service. Some things we have to find out are:

  • Where are they currently ranking on the search engines for their main keywords ?
  • How many competitors are competing?
  • How strong is the competition?

What Increases The Cost Of SEO?

  • Extensive keyword research
  • Fixing problems (301 re-directs, 404 errors, duplicate content issues)
  • Number of pages to optimize
  • Creating content
  • Strong Competition

What This Question Really Means?

I’ve found that people whose leading question is “How much does SEO cost” don’t understand the time, effort, and cost that is involved in a SEO strategy. These clients are usually looking for a cheap quick SEO plan to rank #1 on Google. What usually happens is these clients go and find a black hat seo who uses spammy tactics to get them ranking well for a week or two and then are penalized and buried in the search engines.

Whats Your Answer?

I know that a lot of SEO firms offer SEO packages to all of there clients, but I like to do some research and understand the market before making an offer. What approach do you take in this situation?

I’ll Be Back

Tomorrows the last day of this weeks SEO FAQ’s we get as SEO’s. If you have questions or answers that you think would help contribute to all the SEO readers please leave them in the comments below. You can also follow @ben_beck on Twitter with the tag #seofaq.

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SEO FAQ “How Much Can You Increase My Page Rank?”

What Exactly Is Page Rank?

Sometimes a client will do some research and read  about  the “Google’s Page Rank” system. The client then uses  this as the sole metric to measure their SEO success.

Wikipedia has a good explanation of Page Rank (PR), but simply it is part of Google algorithm for ranking websites.  The ranking is on a 1 – 10 scale and the higher the score means the more powerful/influential the site.

SEo Google Page Rank Bar
Why Google Page Rank Is A Bad Metric

To answer my clients with this question I usually focus on the down sides of the Google Page Rank.  The following are the biggest reasons why I don’t really look at Page Rank to closely.

Between 1 -10 which of the million of site is best?

The biggest flaw with the Google Page Rank scoring is that is a 1 – 10 metric.  Out of all billions of sites on the world wide web how do you rank them with a 1 through 10? It’s not very helpful, especially because the a PR7 site is 10x greater than a PR6! The decimal, which they don’t show would be extremely helpful!

PR is only 1 metric in the Google algorigthm

Page rank use to be a lot more important in determining rank on Google, but now it’s 1 of over 200 factors! Focusing solely on someones PR isn’t very practical, and it’s especially hard to see a lot of movement once you get to the higher PR levels.

What’s Your Answer?

I would like to hear from you SEO experts on how you handle this question. Do you have statistics, analogies, or examples do you use to help your clients understand that PR is not the best metric to measure SEO results.

If you have questions or solutions that you think would help other SEO’s please leave them in the comments below. You can also follow @ben_beck on Twitter with the tag #seofaq all this week.

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