Talking Ecommerce SEO With Bill Sebald

Bill Sebald Image

Bill of Green Lane SEO gave me a lot of great tips & advice for E-commerce SEO. If you aren’t yet he is a great person to follow on Twitter ( BillSebald )

How did Bill Sebald get into marketing?

In my teen years I was considering psychology, working in the media, or slacking off. Ultimately I fell into marketing during a communications major at Penn State, and realized that it had components of at least two of my above interests. A couple years later I hooked up with a CD shop in Ambler, PA that was looking to sell products on a website. A progressive idea at the time.

They wanted to be for used CDs – these were the days when it was rare to have a shopping cart, and even rarer to get someone to give you a credit card number over the internet. We did guerrilla digital marketing, and I was hooked. From there I started my own music and commerce websites, learned graphic design, and started doing SEO (which was basically as simple as resubmitting to engines over and over – this was 2001, a year or so before the Google invasion). I also spent some time in the music industry, so I got to learn a different side of marketing there.

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Talking Agile Marketing With Jonathon Colman

I know what you are thinking, “Ben how did you get to talk  with Jonathon Colman about Agile Marketing? Are you twins separated at birth,  did you bribe or black mail him?”

Well none of those are true, simply Jonathon  is a great marketer and person who is hard not to hear about and gravitate to in our industry. I’ve learned a lot from him through Twitter and  would definitlely suggest following him on Twitter and Slide Share. Well I won’t hold you up any further from  hearing what Jonathon Colman had to say, Enjoy! Jonathon Colman Headshot - Talking Agile Marketing With Benjamin Beck

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Talking SEO With John Doherty

I had the pleasure of meeting John at the SEER Interactive Moz Event. He is passionate about photography, hacking excel, and of course SEO as a consultant in NYC for Distilled. He is a great SEO with some great advice so without further adieu I give you John Doherty.

John Doherty SEO profile picture

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International SEO Tips From Jason Acidre

Most online marketers have a few  blogs that they follow to keep a pulse on whats happening in the industry and to inspire improvement. Over the last few months Jason Acidre’s blog has  constantly put out great content that has made me a better SEO. He ails from the Philippines  but does SEO work for clients from the US to the UK all the way down under to Australia. Jason is a smart SEO with a lot of hustle, and glad he could share some of his tips.

Jason Acidre Profile


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Make The Most of 2012 With the Top SEO & Social Media Articles and People

2012 is here! What does the next year hold for us in search marketing and social media? I don’t have a crystal ball that works, but I have collected some of the top articles from the experts on what 2012 will be like for SEO and Social Media Marketers.

I also included some of the best people to follow on Twitter to stay on top of SEO and Social Media trends through this  year.

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Is Social The Future Of SEO? Interview with Jesse Stay

I had the pleasure of talking with Jesse Stay of and author of Google+ For Dummies and Facebook Application Development For Dummies. It was such an amazing conversation that I wish I would have skyped and recorded it to be able to share with everyone instead of my bullet point notes. He is a truly amazing author and knowledgeable social media pro that I had the pleasure of speaking with. ( You can tell by my picture how excited I was to talk with him) [Read more...]

Are People Blocking Your Site On Google?

Google is always trying to improve the experience of the searcher by getting them the best search results as possible. As amazing and complex as the mystical Google algorithm is, sometimes it doesn’t give the best results. To help remedy this Google  provides  searchers with tools to make their searches better. Thats why they developed tools like  search wiki, stars in search, and now Google +1.

Back  in March Google introduce another search  tool that you might not of heard about, which was the ability for searchers to block certain urls from their search results. Google said its a way to help searchers find more of what they want. I think that the idea is good, but also i think that people might over do it.

Google Website Block Filter

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What’s In Your RSS Feed?

It definitely feels a lot cooler when you say it like one of those capital one vikings  ”Whats In Your RSS Feed?”. These days to stay up with fast moving technology and industries can be hard. Frankly i don’t know how i would do it with out my RSS feeds.  The following are a list of the staples that I check each day. Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

Capital One Viking Picture

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How Content Makes You King Of Linked-In

Since I discovered the  plug-in called digg digg, which  allows me to easily post to all of my different Linked-In Groups. Its become a habit to post all of my new blog posts to my Linked-In Groups. Posting to these groups did send some traffic to my blog but it wasn’t until I took the time to create several quality articles  that I  finally got one that made it to be the “Most Popular Discussion” . The following are all the different ways you can  get seen once ways to be seen on Linked-In Groups.

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Top 5 Questions Every SEO Has To Answer

As you start to acquire SEO clients you will be sure to get asked a lot of questions! Soon you will see that your getting asked the same  type of questions over and over again. In order to get  SEO clients you need to be prepared to answer these questions correctly.


Google Search for questions asked to search engine optimization experts

Most Asked Questions By SEO Clients

The following are the questions that I get asked  most by potential clients that I meet with. Each question is linked to the explanations that i use to assure the client that I am the right man for the job.

What Other Questions Do You Get?

These are the questions that I get asked the most, but what are questions are clients constantly plaguing you with? Also how do you handle these questions? I look forward to your comments.