LinkedIn’s Holiday Card Easter Egg

I woke up this morning and was checking the usual social networks before I head into work.  I did a double take this morning when I came across this interesting character who viewed my LinkedIn Profile.


LInkedIn's Easter Egg Holiday Greetings Alias

This is definitely not the typical person that views my account and  I was curious of course to find out more about Snow E. Mann’s resume.  When I clicked on it to open it up instead of a resume it was a simple holiday greeting card from

LinkedIn's Holiday Greetings Easter Egg


Holiday Easter Eggs

I don’t know if this is something they did to everyone or if I stumbled into some Linkedin holiday easter egg. If your confused at what an “easter egg” is you need to check out You can thank me later. Another popular easter egg this holiday season is googling “let it snow”. I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you.


Check out your Linkedin profile and let me know if you got a holiday card as well. Also if you know of any other holiday easter eggs out there please leave them in the comments.



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