Talking BHAG With Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin Interview - Talking BHAG

BHAG 101 – An Introduction


The acronym BHAG stands for setting a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. The concept is explained by Jim Collin’s in his book Good To Great (Which I think is a must read!) In this video by Jim Collins about BHAG’s he explains the equation of a  ”Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is  one that includes your hedgehog concept & flywheel.


Hedgehog Concept + Fly Wheel = BHAG

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Talking New Media With Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a passionate speaker and author who inspires people to use hustle and social media to build a strong brand & community. He started out doing this with his own family business,, and now runs VaynerMedia a brand consulting agency that works with top companies in their branding and social media efforts.

I’ve been a fan of Gary since my friends at Anchor Wave had me read Crush It. So when I saw his Q&A a day interview series I jumped at the opportunity. It was a great interview and I learned a lot, hope you do as well. Enjoy!

Gary Vaynerchuk head shot

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Talking Ecommerce SEO With Bill Sebald

Bill Sebald Image

Bill of Green Lane SEO gave me a lot of great tips & advice for E-commerce SEO. If you aren’t yet he is a great person to follow on Twitter ( BillSebald )

How did Bill Sebald get into marketing?

In my teen years I was considering psychology, working in the media, or slacking off. Ultimately I fell into marketing during a communications major at Penn State, and realized that it had components of at least two of my above interests. A couple years later I hooked up with a CD shop in Ambler, PA that was looking to sell products on a website. A progressive idea at the time.

They wanted to be for used CDs – these were the days when it was rare to have a shopping cart, and even rarer to get someone to give you a credit card number over the internet. We did guerrilla digital marketing, and I was hooked. From there I started my own music and commerce websites, learned graphic design, and started doing SEO (which was basically as simple as resubmitting to engines over and over – this was 2001, a year or so before the Google invasion). I also spent some time in the music industry, so I got to learn a different side of marketing there.

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Talking Journalism With Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis - Journalist Interview

I recently got to talk with Joshua Davis during his Reddit AMA the other week. Joshua writes for as well as GQ and Mens Health.Josh has had an interesting road as a journalist which has led him to produce The Underdog: How I Survived the World’s Most Outlandish Competitions
which covers him competing as an arm wrestler, matador, and sumo wrestler!
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Talking CRO With Nick Eubanks

For most companies the goal of marketing online is not to get traffic, but to turn that traffic into conversion. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO ) can be extremely important. To help explain  the basics of CRO I talked with Nick Eubanks from  Hope you learn as much as I did.


Talking CRO With Nick Eubanks Profile Image

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Talking Agile Marketing With Jonathon Colman

I know what you are thinking, “Ben how did you get to talk  with Jonathon Colman about Agile Marketing? Are you twins separated at birth,  did you bribe or black mail him?”

Well none of those are true, simply Jonathon  is a great marketer and person who is hard not to hear about and gravitate to in our industry. I’ve learned a lot from him through Twitter and  would definitlely suggest following him on Twitter and Slide Share. Well I won’t hold you up any further from  hearing what Jonathon Colman had to say, Enjoy! Jonathon Colman Headshot - Talking Agile Marketing With Benjamin Beck

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Talking Content With Anthony Pensabene

One of the perks to working in online marketing  is brushing shoulders with great people like Anthony Pensabene who is a twitter networker, marketing strategist, and content muser. In this interview you’ll get to see the refreshingly witty writing style and spunk of Anthony, enjoy.

Interview With Anthony Pensabene - Content Muse

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Talking SEO With John Doherty

I had the pleasure of meeting John at the SEER Interactive Moz Event. He is passionate about photography, hacking excel, and of course SEO as a consultant in NYC for Distilled. He is a great SEO with some great advice so without further adieu I give you John Doherty.

John Doherty SEO profile picture

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International SEO Tips From Jason Acidre

Most online marketers have a few  blogs that they follow to keep a pulse on whats happening in the industry and to inspire improvement. Over the last few months Jason Acidre’s blog has  constantly put out great content that has made me a better SEO. He ails from the Philippines  but does SEO work for clients from the US to the UK all the way down under to Australia. Jason is a smart SEO with a lot of hustle, and glad he could share some of his tips.

Jason Acidre Profile


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Successful Guest Blogging Tips With Kristi Hines

Guest Blogging Expert Kristi Hines

Pro Blogger Kristi Hines

I had the opportunity to interview Kristi Hines, who really  needs no introduction. In fact you’ve probably read one of her many articles posted on Search Engine Watch, Unbounce, or Kiss Metrics. When she isn’t blogging for these  websites she is refining her craft by  posting on her own blog, which was chosen as one of Social Media Examiners Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2010.

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